• Heritage India Fashions Editorial Feature in ELLE Magazine August 2021 Issue of our Indian Wedding Collection. 
  • On the cover mention Celebrity Designer Prashant Goyal and editorial Bridal feature in StarDust India April 2021
  • Celebrity Designer Prashant Goyal mentioned on the cover and an editorial feature at Stardust India Magazine April 2021 issue Heritage India Fashions Wedding Collection. 
  • Prashant Goyal, a talented fashion designer, introduced the runways of Faab Fashion Week to the exquisite detailing and gorgeous color palette of Heritage India designs. The traditional Indian garments were billowy and rich in textures. The vibrant colors palettes were styled in to contemporary yet traditional silhouettes, navel-revealing tops, and voluminous skirts that were embellished with the most intricate metal work. Beadwork and embroideries were also a powerful element of the glamorous dresses showcased by Prashant Goyal. The experience was enriching, and the intricate display of traditional Indian embroidery and other handcrafted techniques was utterly breathtaking.
  • September 9th, 2018: Recap: Super Chic New York Fashion Week Show – Pics + Details Here! ( Part I )

    Another designer that blow the audience away with their collection would be Prashant Goyal with his brand Heritage India Fashions. Heritage India Fashions collection consisted of bright and heavily embroidered traditional India customs with a twist of modernization. Check out some photos from his collection below.

    Prashant was inspired by old century, focusing specially on Victorian art of the 19th century. Each piece in this collection took approximately 8 to 15 weeks due to the hand embroidery and heavily detailed garments. This designer gains inspiration from various sources such as nature and art, as well as his Indian heritage and other cultures as well that incorporates into his collection. Prashant Goyal believes that fair trade and understanding is very important when creating his collections, he follows a plan of sourcing as early as four months to ensure each piece is up to his standards. This culturally diverse collection left the audience in awe and surely was a sight to see.

      • September 9th, 2018: Heritage India Fashions presents at NYFMC at Drom on 85 Avenue A at 7:30
      • September 8th, 2018: Heritage India Fashions presents at NYFW at Holy Apostles on 296 9th Ave at 7pm