Celebrity Designer Goyal's Bridal Collection

The launch of International Heritage Fashion Week debuts Celebrity Designer Prashant Goyal’s enchanting bridal collection, embodying elegance, sophistication, and beauty.

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Heritage India Fashions by Designer Prashant Goyal

The captivating photoshoot showcases Designer Prashant Goyal's stunning creations, blending style and artistry in Heritage India Fashions - Timeless Heritage.

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A New Line Of Heritage India Designs «Hint Of Royalty»

Something elegant, something cozy and much festive — in this new collection is all you can imagine.

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Heritage India Fashions: the fusion of tradition & vitality

From the manual selection of the best quality silk & linen fibers to the complicated details of manual embroidery in the final work, each product is unique.

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Holly Zuelle's Actress Shines in the Line Heritage India Fashions

Prashant's designs — are a combination of Western influence and traditional Indian formal clothing that attracts a wide customer base.

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Heritage India Fashions is attracting people's attention

Prashant's design combines Western influence and traditional Indian formalities, attracting his extensive customer base.

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Heritage India Fashions credits and gives back to their extensive fabric suppliers, team of tailors and embroidery artisans, who bring the designs to life. Prashant Goyal is an active philanthropist and supports charity organizations. 

Prashant Goyal is a designer that is breaking the fashion boundaries by creating his own trends with a feminine flair.